[SOLVED] How to ignore the Java Source directory during Maven Compilation?

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I am trying to use the Lombok Maven Plugin to ensure the correct creation of Javadocs when using Lombok.

Lombok Maven introduces a new code generation goal, just prior to compilation. In my configuration, my sourceDirectory (Java with Lombok annotations, src/main/java) is processed to create Java (without Lombok annotations) in target/generated-sources/delombok.

However, every file in sourceDirectory now has a corresponding (identically named) file in target/generated-sources/delombok, resulting in compilation failures due to duplicate classes.

How can I tell the Java compiler to ignore the sources in sourceDirectory?

Note that the default Lombok Maven configuration would have the developer put Java (with Lombok annotations) in the src/main/lombok folder instead of src/main/java. However, I do not wish to do this because it confuses IDEs and my code compiles just fine (if I remove the Maven plugin).

Also note that simply redefining sourceDirectory will also upset IDEs (they no longer know where to find the Java source code!).


I recently switched from using the flakey maven-exec-plugin approach to generate raw sources for the javadoc tool to using lombok-maven-plugin

My setup

  • All sources in src/main/java
  • Generated sources go in target/generated-sources/delombok

I initially ran into this problem but it seems to be an easy fix: Don’t let lombok-maven-plugin add the delombok path to the compiler source paths with addOutputDirectoy. IE


This seems to of solved the issue for now

EDIT: Bonus, how to generate proper javadocs with this setup


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