[SOLVED] How to handle a lost KeyStore password in Android?

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I have forgotten my Keystore password and I don’t really know what to do anymore (I can’t or won’t give any excuses for it). I want to update my app because I just fixed a bug but it’s not possible anymore. What happens if I use the same Keystore but create a new key? Would I still be able to update the app and if it’s not possible, how can I go about giving information to users about the updated version?

If anybody has had a problem like this or has come across troubles, what advice can you give to help remedy the situation? Fortunately, it is a free app.


See this link

It’s unfortunate, but when you lose your keystore, or the password to your keystore, your application is orphaned. The only thing you can do is resubmit your app to the market under a new key.

ALWAYS backup up your keystore and write the passwords down in a safe location.

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