[SOLVED] Get visible items in RecyclerView

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I need to know which elements are currently displayed in my RecyclerView. There is no equivalent to the href=”http://developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/AbsListView.OnScrollListener.html#onScroll%28android.widget.AbsListView,%20int,%20int,%20int%29″>OnScrollListener.onScroll(...) method on ListViews. I tried to work with View.getGlobalVisibleRect(...), but that hack is too ugly and does not always work too.

Someone any ideas?


First / last visible child depends on the LayoutManager. If you are using LinearLayoutManager or GridLayoutManager, you can use

int findFirstVisibleItemPosition();
int findFirstCompletelyVisibleItemPosition();
int findLastVisibleItemPosition();
int findLastCompletelyVisibleItemPosition();

For example:

GridLayoutManager layoutManager = ((GridLayoutManager)mRecyclerView.getLayoutManager());
int firstVisiblePosition = layoutManager.findFirstVisibleItemPosition();

For LinearLayoutManager, first/last depends on the adapter ordering. Don’t query children from RecyclerView; LayoutManager may prefer to layout more items than visible for caching.

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