[SOLVED] Access to private Maven Repository from Google Cloud Build?

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We’re using Google Cloud Build to build a Spring Boot application written in Java. However, we have a private Maven repository (hosted on Artifact Registry if that matters), and the application won’t build unless it has access to this repository.

The cloudbuild.yaml file looks like this:

  - name: maven:3.8.6-eclipse-temurin-17-alpine
    entrypoint: mvn
    args: [ 'clean', 'verify', '-Dmaven.test.skip=true' ]

Usually, I add the credentials to the private maven repository to the ~/.m2/settings.xml file.

What’s the recommended approach to give Maven access to a private Maven repository when building the project with Google Cloud Build?


You can create an additional step in Google Cloud Build to generate credentials and store them in the file (~/.m2/settings.xml), before running the maven step:

###### previous Cloud Build Steps ###

- name: 'bash'
  args: ['./cloudbuild_credentials.sh'] ### <--- script to generate creds
  dir: 'src'                            ### <--- directory might be different
  id: 'generate-credentials'
      - PRIVATE_REPO_PASS=$_PRIVATE_REPO_PASS ### <--- keys might be passed to Cloud Build via Triggers

###### next Cloud Build Steps ###

An example how the script (cloudbuild_credentials.sh) might look like (generates and saves ~/.m2/settings.xml file with the sensitive data):

printf '
' "${PRIVATE_REPO_PASS}" > ~/.m2/settings2.xml

This way you commit only non-sensitive data to the repo, and you pass the key from the outside. For example via Google Cloud Build Triggers.

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