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I am writing a Cube class which I have to calculate volume also. The class can have a user input of FLOAT length, width and height in between minimum 1 to maximum 45.00. Otherwise if user inputs any other numbers its all sides would be 1.

so it will be like

 #define LIMIT_UNDER 1
 #define LIMIT_UPPER 45.00

class Cube{
    float height;
    float width;
    float length;

// Write setter getters here

 // default constructor 

 // default constructor puts default values
 height = width = length= LIMIT_UNDER; 

 Cube(float cHeight, float cWidth, float cLength){
 height = cHeight;
 width = cWidth;
 length = cLength;

 float getVolume(){
 return height * width * 


 int main(){
   // Default constructor 

  Cube cube;

  // Parametized called

   Cube cube2(2.00f, 
  2.57f, 5.40f);

  // Show volume to 2 
  //decimal places as 45.00 
   //is limit that has two 
   //decimal places

  cout << getVolume() << 
  fixed << 

My question is about should I use all floats (5.40f etc) to two decimal places and the calculations? As I did in main using setPrecision function

Thanks please help


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