Should I unsubscribe from private streams defined in components? I tested their destruction with WeakMap


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For example, I:

  1. Created a class with private Subject and WeakMaps to add Subject and Subscription
    const subjectsMap = new WeakMap();
    const subscriptionsMap = new WeakMap();
    class Test {
      #privateSubject = new BehaviorSubject(false);
      constructor() {
        subscriptionsMap.set(this.#privateSubject.subscribe(console.log), true);
        subjectsMap.set(this.#privateSubject, true);
  1. Created a new Test instance
let test = new Test()
  1. Checked my Weakmaps
> WeakMap {BehaviorSubject => true}

> WeakMap {SafeSubscriber => true}
  1. Deleted the reference to my Test instance
test = null
  1. Checked my WeakMaps and voila
> WeakMap {}

> WeakMap {}

My Subject and Subscription are destroyed. So why do I need to unsubscribe from them in the component?


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