serve() is called twice everytime I reload a blog page in wagtail


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I am using wagtail to build a blog website. In order to count the visits of each blog, I override the get_context() and serve() to set cookie. The codes are as follows:

def get_context(self, request):
        data = count_visits(request, self)

        context = super().get_context(request)
        context['client_ip'] = data['client_ip']
        context['location'] = data['location']
        context['total_hits'] = data['total_hits']
        context['total_visitors'] =data['total_vistors']
        context['cookie'] = data['cookie']
        return context
    def serve(self, request):
        context = self.get_context(request)
        template = self.get_template(request)
        response = render(request, template, context)
        response.set_cookie(context['cookie'], 'true', max_age=3000)
        return response

And the function count_visits is as follows:

def count_visits(request, obj):       
    ct = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj)
    key = "%s_%s_read" % (ct.model,
    count_nums, created = VisitNumber.objects.get_or_create(id=1)
    if not request.COOKIES.get(key):      
        blog_visit_count, created =BlogVisitNumber.objects.get_or_create(content_type=ct,
        count_nums.count += 1
        blog_visit_count.count += 1

The problem I met is that when I reload the blog page, serve() was loaded twice. The first time request was with cookie info. But the second time the cookie of the request was {}, which caused the count of visit does not work correctly.
I do not understand why serve() is called twice everytime I reload page.


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