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Please advise on how to make the script below fast using python. My 16GB PC has been attempting to run for the past four hours.

    import xarray as xr
    import numpy as np
    hour_array = np.arange(0,24,3)
    str_hour = ["".join(item) for item in hour_array.astype(str)]
    len_hour_array = len(hour_array)
    lons = ds.variables['longitude'][:]
    lats = ds.variables['latitude'][:]
    print('It will take sometime.......reading dew point datan')
    d2m = ds['d2m']# grab variable 2m dew point temperature
    C = [] # creating an empty array that will store the mean
    for day_offset in range(0,len_hour_array):
        month_number = hour_array[day_offset]
        month_name = str_hour[day_offset]
        hour_data = d2m_hour[day_offset,60:69,136:153] 


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