Sample code at app-bundle-samples/PlayAssetDelivery/NativeSample/ not generating all standalone apks


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I am trying to use the sample code located here – to get an understanding of App Bundles.

According to the documentation when the minSDK Version is less than 21, the Bundle shall generate standalone apks for every ABI-DPI combination. In this case when we are generating the standalone apks using the following command –

Bundletool build-apks --bundle=Teapot-release.aab --output=output.apks

Bundletool Version – 1.11.0

The Standalones folder just generates a single standalone apk.

On debugging further it seems like the bundle config has this set for Standalone Dimensions –

    "standaloneConfig": {
      "splitDimension": [{
        "value": "ABI",
        "negate": true
      }, {
        "value": "SCREEN_DENSITY",
        "negate": true
      }, {
        "value": "LANGUAGE",
        "negate": true
      }, {
        "negate": true
      "strip64BitLibraries": true

However when I set the minSdk value >=21, in that case the StandaloneConfig is empty. I donot see a place where these standalone configuration is being set. Am I missing something over here?


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