rxjs subscription issue while updating the component UI


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I am currently working on understanding the rxjs Observable, Observer and Subscription.
To understand the same I wrote a sample code for updating UI with the random numbers with the interval of 1 second. My goal is to work on updating the multiple components from a single observable. But I stuck at the point where a component variable is not updating with the subscription’s next observer. My code is as below,


when I enable this.updateNumber(num) it says method is not available. I believe issue is with this key word. How to reference class variable and methods from next()?

this.number1 = 0;

clickSix() {
        this.number1 = 1;
        const randomGeneratorOnIntervalObservable = new Observable(
          next(num) {
            // this.updateNumber(num);
            this.number1 = num;
          complete() {
            console.log('Finished sequence');
        this.number1 = 2;
      updateNumber(num: number) {
        this.number1 = num;


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