[SOLVED] Run supertest e2e with dynamic url for different environments using cli


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I have a nestjs backend api server within a monorepo. I want to do integration test using supertest. I have currently configured e2e against jest --env=node --verbose command in package.json.
For example, check if http://localhost:8112/health return OK.

  it('should pass', async () => {
const res = await request(http://localhost:8112/health)



I want the api url endpoint to be dynamic. If its staging stg-xyz.com/health or if prod prod-xyz.com.
How do i achieve the same?


Create two separate ts files where two different environment variables are specified like below:

process.env = Object.assign(process.env, {
  SERVICE_API_TEST_URL: 'http://localhost:8112',

we can switch the file passing as cli agrument setupfile

nx run api-server:e2e --setupFile=apps/api-server/e2e-test-stg-environment.ts

nx run api-server:e2e --setupFile=apps/api-server/e2e-test-dev-environment.ts

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