Robot Framework System Variable inside Variable Yaml file


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Is there a way, robot framework system variables can be defined in Variable Yaml file.
For example; I’ve a yaml file like


key: ${EXECDIR}${/}mydir

Importing file in robot Test Case:

*** Settings ***
Variables  testdata.yaml

*** Test Cases ***
  log  key1

This is literally printing “${EXECDIR}${/}mydir” rather than the value of EXECDIR.

EXECDIR is just an example, I’ve a requirement to use many robotframework system variables inside yaml in customized way.
I’ve checked an existing question, How to access a variable inside another variable in yaml file?. But this refers to user defined variable. Is the same limitation applicable for system variables as well?

If it’s not possible then I would have to use
Yaml Load and create another variable holding yaml content in Robot framework dictionary.
But I would prefer:

*** Settings ***
Variables   testdata.yaml 


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