[SOLVED] Rewriting IConfiguration appsettings.json with Command Line Arguments in C# 10 .NET 6


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I’m making console application in C# 10 .NET 6 using the Dependency Injection.
I have an appsettings.json file that i load by IConfiguration but i have also added a custom IConfigurationSource that loads data in a specific way by the Command Line Arguments.
It works because if i write a CLA that overrides an appsettings.json property then it does.
What I want to do is that if i override a particular appsettings.json property via CLA I want it to update the property inside the appsettings.json file so I don’t have to start the application with the same CLA again and again. How do I accomplish that?

private IConfiguration SetUpConfiguration()
    IConfiguration configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder()
    return configuration;

I Wrote it in a simplified version to make you see the “structure” of what I wrote.


You need to derive from JsonConfigurationProvider and override the Set-Method so it actually writes values back to the file.

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