Restrict generic types that extend map types


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How can I restrict a generic type with an object to allow only string values? Due to I put “extends” I get a generic type that extends also to numbers and symbols.

My decision to use generics is to create subtypes and add autocompletation for an event manager that works like:

const listenable = new Listenable<{ 'click': () => void }>();
listenable.addEventListener( 'click', () => {} );

An example that shows what I mean is:

type StringMapType = {
    [ key: string ]: Function

class Foo< MapType extends StringMapType > {

    bar< KeyType extends keyof MapType >( event: KeyType, callback: MapType[ KeyType ] ) {
        // Here the type of KeyType has to be of type `string` and
        // specifically is one of the defined MapType substrings.


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