[SOLVED] Redux toolkit dispatch action with dispatch and getState as arguments, same as simple redux implementation with function enhancer


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I have been using simple redux with this function enhancer for a long time :

const asyncFunctionMiddleware = storeAPI => next => action => {
  // If the "action" is actually a function instead...
  if (typeof action === 'function') {
    // then call the function and pass `dispatch` and `getState` as arguments
    return action(storeAPI.dispatch, storeAPI.getState)

  // Otherwise, it's a normal action - send it onwards
  return next(action)

Once this was added to applyMiddleware at time of store create you can simply use it as this :

// Write a function that has `dispatch` and `getState` as arguments
const stateBasedLotOfDispatches = (dispatch, getState) => {
  // Lot of conditions based on current state -> getState
  // get arguments to pass to action1
  // create payload for action2

I searched a lot about how to do this with redux toolkit, but could not find a way or maybe missing something basic about redux-toolkit and will like someone to point me in the right direction.

Need to add 1 more thing, function called will not be asyncThunk type so i don’t need it to be async.


That is literally the redux-thunk middleware, and that one is already enabled automatically with Redux Toolkit.

You can just go ahead and dispatch(stateBasedLotOfDispatches) and it will work.

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