Reading in unknown integers from a file to create a bitwise table c++


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I am trying to write a program that reads in integers from a file and creates bitwise table. The first line in the file is the numbers of rows (unknown). Each row is two integers (X, Y) that I will use in bitwise operations and print out. Each row will have 6 columns (X, Y, X & Y, X | Y, X ^ Y, ~X). I am stuck at the f for loop to print out the numbers that come from those operations. This is what I have so far:

  //output of first line of input file is
  //number of rows for problem A
      int N;
      in >> N;

  //output of second to N lines of input file 
      unsigned short X, Y;
      in >> X >> Y;

  //2D array for bitwise table...?
      unsigned short ** bitwiseTable1;
  //allocate rows only
      bitwiseTable1 = new unsigned short * [N];

  //allocating the columns
      for (int r = 0; r <= N; r++)
        bitwiseTable1[r] = new unsigned short [6];
  //Traverse the array
      for (int r = 0; r <= N; r++)
        for (int c = 0; c < 7; c++)
            //need to read in X,Y from file ? stuck here!
            cout << r << c << r & c << r | c << r ^ c << ~r
            cout << X << set(5) << Y << set(6) << (X & Y) 
            << set(6) << (X | Y) << set(5) << (X ^ Y) 
            << set(6) <<  (unsigned short)(~X) << end;
         `enter code here`}

some of the code I changed to be able to post this so in is really in file, end is end line, set is set width

Thank you for your help!


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