Read multiple *.txt files into Pandas Dataframe with filename as the first column


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currently I have these codes which only reads one specific txt file and split into different columns. Each txt file is stored in the same directory and looks like this
df_2a.columns = ['Value']
df_2a_split = df_2a['Value'].str.split(' ', n=0, expand=True)
df_2a_split.columns = ['class','c1','c2','c3','c4']

And the output like this
Current result

I want to ingest all txt.files in a directory including the filename as the first column in the pandas dataframe. The expected result looks like below

file_name class   c1       c2      c3          c4
2a.txt  0   0.712518    0.61525 0.43918     0.2065
2a.txt  1   0.635078    0.81175 0.292786    0.0925
2b.txt  2   0.551273    0.5705  0.30198     0.0922
2b.txt  0   0.550212    0.31125 0.486563    0.2455


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