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I want to test that on initial render of the parent component, there are no child components rendered in the document.

On every press of the button, the parent component generates a child component within it. On init, the child component array are empty. I therefeore expect my child componnet test-id to be null on initial render, when I render my parents container.

Parent component:

const ParentComponent = () => {

  const [childComponentsArray, setChildComponentsArray] = useState([]);

  const createChildComponent = () => {
    const objToAdd = {
      // Generate uuid for each component
      uuid: uuid()

    setChildComponentsArray([...childComponentsArray, objToAdd]);

  return (
      {childComponentsArray.length > 0 && <div>
        {childComponentsArray.map(() => {
          return <div className={'child-item'}>
            <ChildComponent />

      <ButtonContainer variant={'secondary'} label={'+ ' + component.addLabel}
                       onClick={() => createChildComponent()}

Child component:

const ChildComponent = () => {

return (
<div data-testid={'childComponentTestId'}>
<p> I'm in child component! </p>

Unit test:

test('on render, no child items are visible', () => {

      <ParentComponent />



When executing my test I get the following error in my unit test:

**TestingLibraryElementError: Unable to find an element by: [data-testid=”childComponentTestId”]

I find this error a bit of a paradox, since that is exactly whta I want it to be.


You should use queryByTestIt as it returns null if object is not found. See more on the documentation site.

Answered by Andrei Belokopytov

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