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Learning react testing by coding (react testing library and jest), here i’m testing adding new camera,
initial length before adding should be 3, but here
console.log(“initialLength”, initialLength);
it gives me 0, thats why also in testing it gives ” Expected: > 0
Received: 0″.
My question is why it shows initialLength to be 0 ?
if i check console in my component

console.log(“storedd:”, store.getState().cameras.length);
i get:

enter image description here

in my component i can add new cam without any problem.

this part works :

expect(name).toBeInTheDocument(); fireEvent.change(name, { target: { value: "Cam 2" } }); expect(name).toHaveValue("Cam 2");

so why initialLength which is 3, it shows to be 0 and how to fix it to take 3 and not 0 ?

English is not my mother language so could be mistakes, any advice is appreciated.

describe("Testing  Cam", () => {
const rendercam = (): RenderResult =>
      <Provider store={store}>

test("Testing renderCams", () => {
    const initialLength = store.getState().cameras.length;
    console.log("initialLength", initialLength);

    const name = screen.getByTestId(/^Name/i);
    fireEvent.change(name, { target: { value: "Cam 2" } });
    expect(name).toHaveValue("Cam 2");
      let submitButton = screen.getByTestId("submit");
      new MouseEvent("click", {
        bubbles: true,
        cancelable: true,

    let cameras = store.getState().cameras.length;




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