React Native get real path of file on Android


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I’m using react-native-document-picker to select a file and react-native-fs to upload the file.

try {
        const res = await DocumentPicker.pick({
        type: [DocumentPicker.types.allFiles],
        copyToCacheDirectory: false

I’m getting the uri as – content://

Then I’m converting this to actual path using react-native-get-real-path.

        .then(filePath =>{
          realFilePath = filePath
, ToastAndroid.SHORT);

The above method gives the path as /storage/emulated/0/Download/output-onlinepngtools.png but this working for few files, for others I’m getting null as the real-path.

This is working perfectly with the uri alone on iOS and I’m able to upload the file successfully to the server.


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