[SOLVED] React native Flatlist with modal handling for each item


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… i have some data in json format which i want to render in Flatlist
For every item there is button pending .When user click on pending button a Modal is open with two button accept and reject.

I want when I click on reject button modal close and when click on accept button then pending button convert in accepted

… See in image
[![enter image description here][1]][1]

I try many times
But i was unable to change every item button in accepted

… It change only one item button not every button as accepted

… Here is my code

…this is render function

     ... <Modal
        onRequestClose={() => {
        <View style={styles.containerModal}>
           <View style={{height:48, width:"40%"}}>
            <Pressable style={styles.nextbtn} onPress={() => setAccept(accept)}>
              <Text style={styles.nextbtntext}>Accept</Text>

          <View style={{height:48, width:"40%"}}>
            <Pressable style={styles.rejectbtn} onPress={()=>{setactive(!active)}}>
              <Text style={styles.nextbtntext}>Reject</Text>

     ... <TouchableOpacity  onPress={()=>{setactive(!active)}}>
        { accept ?
          <View style={styles.pendingBtn}>
          <Image source={require('../../../assets/pending.png')} style={{height:24,width:16}}/>
            <View style={styles.aceptBtn}>
            <Image source={require('../../../assets/Ok.png')} style={{height:24,width:16}}/>

    ...This  isF`enter code 

          keyExtractor={item => item.id}

} ```



It’s not exactly clear from your code but are you updating the bookingData accordingly when you click on Accept?

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