[SOLVED] rails: how can we add multiple valued params in db in one query in rails?


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consider i have these attributes in table:
answers, user_id, question_id

This is what i did:
i stored it with the loop but thats bad practice to trigger database again and again:
temp= params.fetch(:user_answer)
temp[“answers”].length.times { |i|
UserAnswer.create!(answers: temp[“answers”][i], question_id: temp[“question_id”][i], student_id: current_user.id)

i have values in my params like this:
“user_answer”=>{“answers”=>[“C++ is mother of all the languages”, “25”], “question_id”=>[“7”, “10”], “student_id”=>[“12”, “12”]}

how can i add multiple records in one query with this params?


You can pass to create array of arguments

But firstly you need to create such array

user_answer_args =
  params[:user_answer].each_with_object([]) do |(param, values), args|
    values.each_with_index do |value, index|
      args[index] ||= {}
      args[index].merge!(param => value)

And than


Note: you need to convert params to hash firstly, something like this

user_answer_params =
    permit(answers: [], question_id: [], student_id: []).

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