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We need to horizontally scale our database system hosted on Amazon RDS, and my understanding is Aurora is the logical choice, but the problem is the highest version they support is 8.0.23 (approaching 2 years old!). Sadly, we require MySQL bug fixes issued since 8.0.23 so it’s not an option. A standard Read Replica would be the logical choice, but our system has error reporting built into all of the stored procedures that “read only”. So the traditional read-only procedures (hundreds of them) can write based on errors and bad calling.

What choices do we have? Do we have to somehow de-couple the error logging of the traditionally only read-only stored procedures in order to make them purely read only? Is there a way to have a read replica cross functional so in the instance there is an error in a read only stored procedure that it can properly log the error in the database? (note the architecture is that the RO SP calls another SP upon error that writes the log).

Any advice here would be appreciated.


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