Python: Display all even numbers between two integers inclusive, with a limit the number of times the code accepts input


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From what I understand, the question is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Input
  • The first input is an integer that limits the number of time the user can provide a set of integers.
  • From the second line onwards, the user provides the sequence of integers up until the specified limit.
  • The set of integers are arranged in ascending order, separated only by a space each.
  1. Output
  • For each sequence of integers, the integers in it are looped over. Only those that are even are printed as outputs horizontally.
from sys import stdin

for x in range(1, 1+ int(input())):
# number of cases, number of times the user is allowed to provide input

    for line in stdin:
        num_list = line.split()
        # remove the space in between the integers
        num = [eval(i) for i in num_list]
        # change the list of numbers into integers each
        for numbers in range(num[0], num[-1] + 1):
        # the first integer is the lower bound
        # the second the upper bound
            if numbers % 2 == 0:
            # modulo operation to check whether are the integers fully divisible
                print(numbers, end = ' ')
                # print only the even numbers, horizantally

Can anyone please provide some insights on how to make changes to my code, specifically the loop. I felt so messed up with it. Screenshot of the result.

Any help will be appreciated.


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