Protocols Needed for Hosting VPN in Windows?


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I found an esoteric VPN-hosting feature of Windows but I am having trouble configuring it. (I am following this tutorial.) I am confident in my ability to forward the right port, so I am beginning my troubleshooting by looking at possible protocol interface issues. In the “Allow connections to this computer” window there are only four “networking softwares” to choose from, and none shown are the protocol I think I need. I’m not sure this bare Windows VPN can understand L2TP. I know IP and L2TP are a layer apart, but I don’t know whether Windows would understand inbound L2TP traffic. (I gather this from the ability to “install a protocol.”) This is important as the phone I am trying to connect with only offers L2TP flavors and PPTP (and I’m not using PPTP).

I am pretty lost on this, so if anyone can steer me in the right direction (tell me whether I am very wrong in how I’m thinking about it), I’d really appreciate it. I’ve been searching online for L2TP DLLs or anything the resembles an “installer” for the protocol with no luck.

(Yes, I’m aware of other VPN solutions. I just want to explore this route and learn about implementations of protocols.)
Where I get to…
Phone side of things


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