[SOLVED] Problems with a field autocomplete material mui in stepper formik form


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I am using a material ui autocomplete field in a Formik form, the form is part of a step form and my problem is that I cannot retrieve the value of the autocomplete field that has been selected by the user when I go back and forth through the form steps . Next I expose the piece of code that I have implemented and that has such a reported problem. Thank you all for the help you can provide.

            defaultValue= {obrasoc.find((os) => os.nom_os == field.value)}
            getOptionLabel={(option) => option.nom_os}
            isOptionEqualToValue={(option, value) => option.nom_os === value.nom_os}
            renderInput={(params) => (
                    label='Obra Social'
                    error={meta.touched && meta.error && true}
            onChange={(e, value) => {
                console.log('onchange', value);


Finally I found the issue, only i had to replace the line label=’Obra Social’ with this label= {field.value ? field.value : ‘Obra Social’} and now i can surf over differents steps of form and the field in question remember the user input.

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