Power BI REST API with python to publish the pbix files


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I am new come to the python, but I need to invoke Power BI REST API with python to publish my pbix file in my repo to the workspace.

Based on this document, I could successfully authenticated and get the workspace:

import json, requests, pandas as pd
    from azure.identity import ClientSecretCredential
except Exception:
     !pip install azure.identity
     from azure.identity import ClientSecretCredential

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#
# String variables: Replace with your own
tenant = 'Your-Tenant-ID'
client = 'Your-App-Client-ID'
client_secret = 'Your-Client-Secret-Value' # See Note 2: Better to use key vault
api = 'https://analysis.windows.net/powerbi/api/.default'
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#

# Generates the access token for the Service Principal
auth = ClientSecretCredential(authority = 'https://login.microsoftonline.com/',
                                                        tenant_id = tenant,
                                                        client_id = client,
                                                        client_secret = client_secret)
access_token = auth.get_token(api)
access_token = access_token.token

print('nSuccessfully authenticated.') 

But I do know how to publish my pbix to one of my workspace and with parameter overwrite by using REST API with python.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and a sample will be greate.


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