[SOLVED] Postgres 14 Backslash Z is not giving the correct output


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I am logged into the Postgres14 Windows server using psql and as the postgres super-user. However, when I type in z or dp I don’t get the same output as I do in my MAC. I get the following
training=# dp+
Access privileges
Schema | Name | Type | Access privileges | Column privileges | Policies
public | accounts | table | | |
public | address | table | | |

I don’t see any roles (postgres or others that I made). In my MAC I get the expected results with postgres super-user having all the privileges on tables and my regular user none.
Can someone help? I re-installed postgres to the latest version and restarted it a bunch of times.


That is normal and (surprisingly) means that the tables have the default privileges: the owner has all permissions and everybody else has no permissions. If you grant extra privileges, you will see something in the \dp output.

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