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It’s been 2 days since I have been trying to get the required output. I tried many ways but didn’t solved the purpose.

//Example Input
const categories = [
  {name: 'Size', value: [22, 21, 20]},
  {name: 'Color', value: ['Red', 'Blue']},
  {name: 'Material', value: ['Silk', 'Cotton']}

//Output Required
const possibleCombinations = [
   '22-Red-Silk', '22-Red-Cotton', '22-Blue-Silk',
   '22-Blue-Cotton', '21-Red-Silk', '21-Red-Cotton', 
   '21-Blue-Silk', '21-Blue-Cotton', '20-Red-Silk', 
   '20-Red-Cotton', '20-Blue-Silk', '20-Blue-Cotton'

Length of categories array can vary and the length of value field in each object can also vary.


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