Permission ‘cloudfunctions.functions.get’ denied on resource ‘projects/[PROJECT_NAME]/locations/us-west1/functions/[FUNCTION_NAME]’


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I have setup a cloud build trigger using the directions here. I want have it setup so that any merge onto the main branch of my GitHub repo will start a Cloud Build Trigger and deploy the latest version to a Cloud Function. The current flow is GitHub Repo -> Cloud Source Repo -> Cloud Build -> Cloud Function.

I’m getting a permission denied on resource error. However I believe I have all the necessary permissions:

  • cloud build service account:
  • Cloud Functions Developer
  • Cloud Run Admin
  • Service Account User

Below is the cloudbuild.yaml I’m using:

- name: ''
  waitFor: ["-"]
  - gcloud
  - functions
  - deploy
  - --region=us-west1
  - --source=.
  - --trigger-http
  - --runtime=RUNTIME

Any help would be great! I’ve spent a lot of time on this and not sure what else I’m missing


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