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I am using DataLogic utilities(Datalogics.PDFL) to manipulate the PDF, I am facing issues with the below scenario.
A PDF with non-english text getting weird output.

Sample input file SS

enter image description here

Getting output in the below format for the same:

enter image description here

 WordFinderConfig wordConfig = new WordFinderConfig();
            wordConfig.IgnoreCharGaps = false;
            wordConfig.IgnoreLineGaps = false;
            wordConfig.NoAnnots = false;
            wordConfig.NoEncodingGuess = false;

            // Std Roman treatment for custom encoding; overrides the noEncodingGuess option
            wordConfig.UnknownToStdEnc = true;

            wordConfig.DisableTaggedPDF = false;    // legacy mode WordFinder creation
            wordConfig.NoXYSort = true;
            wordConfig.PreserveSpaces = false;
            wordConfig.NoLigatureExp = false;
            wordConfig.NoHyphenDetection = false;
            wordConfig.TrustNBSpace = false;
            wordConfig.NoExtCharOffset = false;     // text extraction efficiency
            wordConfig.NoStyleInfo = false;         // text extraction efficiency

            WordFinder wordFinder = new WordFinder(doc, WordFinderVersion.Latest, wordConfig);


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