[SOLVED] Payment method for automatic charges when event is completed


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I want to build an mobile app with flutter that gets payment when event is done.

for example, i call a taxi from an app and app is calculates payment from distance, time etc.when finish driving button tapped, app is gonna take payment from saved credit card immediately no 3d secure or anything.

my question is what is that payment method called, how can i implement that service (stripe, paypal etc.)


With PayPal, charging from a user account on file is variously called "reference transactions with billing agreements" (Classic API), or reference / customer not present transactions with Vault in newer APIs.

To use reference transactions, the PayPal account must first be approved for it. You can contact the business support and explain the business need for the feature. Alternatively you look into getting PayPal’s Braintree service which always has reference transactions enabled.

Provided reference transactions are approved and enabled on an account (which it must be emphasized is something the business side does, not a technical matter), PayPal can then guide you on which specific API to use.

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