Pandas ValueError : Must have equal len keys and value when setting with an iterable


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I have a question regarding a transformation I want to add to a Dataframe pandas.
I have a dataframe df with the following columns :

df.columns = Index(['S', 'HZ', 'Z', 'Demand'], dtype='object')

I want to perform the following transformation:

for s in range(S):
   for t in range(HZ):
       for z in range(Z):
          if t > T:
             df.loc((df['S'] == s) & (df['HZ'] == t) & (df['Z'] == z), 'Demand') = D[s][t][z]

Where D is a numpy array with the corresponding dimensions. This code functions, but it is very long, so I tried something else to avoid the for loops :

df.loc[df['HZ'] >= T, 'Demand'] = D[df['S']][df['HZ']][df['Z']]

Which raises the following error :

ValueError: Must have equal len keys and value when setting with an iterable

I am searching what this error means, how to fix it if possible, and if not possible, is there a mean to do what I want without using for loops ?

Thanks by advance


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