Pandas Merge is not showing Values, though I have a common column in 2 data frames


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I want to extract lines which are not matching in both the sheets based on column called “KeyValue” and that column value is the concat of columns (‘WeekStartDate’,’EmployeeName’,’ScheduleType’,’Day1′,’CenterCode’) in both the sheets.

However I am getting no merged values, it shows values from both DFs on top of each other despite having common Column & value in it. here is my code and result.

import pandas as pd

import numpy as np

df = pd.read_csv(‘Vinay1.csv’)

df1 = pd.read_csv(‘Maddy1.csv’)

Test1 = pd.merge(df, df1, on=’KeyValue’, how=’outer’)

#Test2 = DataIO.join(Maddy.set_index(‘KeyValue’), on=’POST’)


Unnamed: 0_x RowID … WeekStartDate_y Day1_y
0 0.0 1.0 … NaN NaN
1 1.0 2.0 … NaN NaN
2 2.0 3.0 … NaN NaN
3 3.0 4.0 … NaN NaN
4 4.0 5.0 … NaN NaN
.. … … … … …
194 NaN NaN … 10-01-2022 11:00AM-05:00PM
195 NaN NaN … 10-02-2022 10:00AM-05:00PM
196 NaN NaN … 10-01-2022 09:00AM-05:00PM
197 NaN NaN … 10-02-2022 10:00AM-05:00PM
198 NaN NaN … NaN NaN

[199 rows x 28 columns]
[Finished in 0.7s]

Note: here are my two csv sheets that I am using to compare & merge.

Vinay1 – this sheet is used as df

Maddy1 – This sheet is used as df1


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