[SOLVED] Pandas: Dynamically deciede which column to update based on another column’s value


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Let’s say we have the following dataframe

    handle  image_src   image_position  image_src_1 image_src_2 image_src_3
0        a       img1                1         None        None        None
1        b       img2                2         None        None        None
2        c       img3                3         None        None        None

How can we convert this datafame into this?

    handle  image_src   image_position  image_src_1 image_src_2 image_src_3
0        a       img1                1         img1        None        None
1        b       img2                2         None        img2        None
2        c       img3                3         None        None        img3

Basically I want to fill the image_src_{image_position} column based on the value of image_position of each row.

I come up with a solution which involves manually iterating over the whole dataframe, like this

data = [
    {"handle": "a","image_src": "img1","image_position": 1,"image_src_1": None,"image_src_2": None,"image_src_3": None},
    {"handle": "b","image_src": "img2","image_position": 2,"image_src_1": None,"image_src_2": None,"image_src_3": None,
    {"handle": "c","image_src": "img3","image_position": 3,"image_src_1": None,"image_src_2": None,"image_src_3": None}

df = pd.DataFrame(data)

for index in range(0, len(df)):
    row = df.iloc[index]
    position = row["image_position"].astype("int64")
    df.loc[index, f"image_src_{position}"] = row["image_src"]

But as iterating over the whole dataframe is a bad thing, how can I imporove this?


First that came to my mind was .pivot() function. Though this might not be the exact thing you wanted, — the original image_src column would be dropped, the column naming would slightly differ and nan might need handling, — still it’s rather a short solution.

(df.pivot(index=['handle', 'image_position'],  # to keep these columns intact

What I got:


Another take is to use image_position column as an index for the new columns, thus it would be dropped too. Also you may want to replace nan with None:

import numpy as np

   .replace({np.nan: None})

Goes like this:


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