[SOLVED] Error: cannot create metastore: Only account admin can create metastores


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I’m trying to create a databricks metastore:

resource "databricks_metastore" "this" {
  name = "primary"
  storage_root = format("abfss://%s@%s.dfs.core.windows.net/",
  force_destroy = true

However, I’m getting the following error:

Error: cannot create metastore: Only account admin can create metastores.

Looking through the Azure docs, I see the following:

Account admins can manage your Databricks account-level configurations, including creation of workspaces, Unity Catalog metastores, billing, and cloud resources. Account admins can add users to the account and assign them admin roles. They can also give users access to workspaces, as long as those workspaces use identity federation.

In my terraform project, I’ve logged in using az login and my provider is setup

provider "databricks" {
  azure_workspace_resource_id = data.azurerm_databricks_workspace.this.id
  host = local.databricks_workspace_host

How can I check if my account is an azure databricks account admin?


You need to be admin in Databricks Account Console to be able to create a Metastore.

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