noneType object is not iterable in Python


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I’m trying to make a pathfinding game using A* algorithm, then this error keeps appearing no matter what i do. it’s said TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable at “for m in self.get_neighbors(n):”. Sorry for any spelling mistake, English is not my native language.

def astar(self,start,end):
    open_set = set(start)
    closed_set = set()
    g = {}               #store distance from starting node
    parents = {}         # parents contains an adjacency map of all nodes
    #distance of starting node from itself is zero
    g[start] = 0
    #start_node is root node i.e it has no parent nodes
    #so start_node is set to its own parent node
    parents[start] = start
    while len(open_set) > 0:
        n = ()
        #node with lowest f() is found
        for v in open_set:
            if len(n)<=0 or g[v] + self.heuristic(v,end) < g[n] + self.heuristic(n,end):
                n = v
        if n == end or self.check_move(n) == False:
            for m in self.get_neighbors(n):
                #nodes 'm' not in first and last set are added to first
                #n is set its parent
                if m not in open_set and m not in closed_set:
                    parents[m] = n
                    g[m] = g[n] + 1
                #for each node m,compare its distance from start i.e g(m) to the
                #from start through n node
                    if g[m] > g[n] + 1:
                        #update g(m)
                        g[m] = g[n] + 1
                        #change parent of m to n
                        parents[m] = n
                        #if m in closed set,remove and add to open
                        if m in closed_set:
        if len(n)<=0:
            print('Path does not exist!')
            return None
        # if the current node is the stop_node
        # then we begin reconstructin the path from it to the start_node
        if n == end:
            path = []
            while parents[n] != n:
                n = parents[n]
            print('Path found')
            return path
        # remove n from the open_list, and add it to closed_list
        # because all of his neighbors were inspected
    print('Path does not exist!')
    return None    

def move_to_point(self,point):
    start = self.get_start()
    end = point
    return None


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