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I’m having this issue with my shared folder that it keeps asking for credentials, where I have already disabled it.
The folder I want to access its located in one VM that I have locally here (Hyper-V).
I follow all the instructions to able the share folder, and also for disabling the credentials, but none of them worked.

To enable the shared folder, I followed this steps below:

Most of the pages I visited, they have the same steps. I believe I did it correct because it asks for passowrd.
Also, on the step 5 of this guide, it is showing how to disable the crendentials, which is the same steps I found in the most of the web sites I had a look, but still got that annoying screen.

Is there anything else that can be done? Am I missing something?

Also, have checked this post, and it didn’t work.

Enter Network Credentials



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