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I am looking for help with the coding problem in NetBeans 15 , jdk (the most recent) , I have several first and last names that have the letter “Ñ” . “é” I changed the encoding but still the problem remains, it is a finished project, when exporting it does all the functions but the letters come out weird, example, I enter a random name: Ricardo Nuñez Liñan, now when I give it in search I get Ricardo Nuñez Liñan. I want to know if you know a code that can change those letters by characters when searching, I tried another code but it does not come out, I attach a part of the code that I put in comment, if you know another similar method I will be happy to help me to solve the data, I save the data in notepad.
Imagen del NetBeans

The code I put to replace only the letter is :

          String str5 = TNombres.getText();
          String str6 = str5.replaceAll("ñ", "ñ");

but if one has more than one special character I would like to change them all , for example : Ñahúi José , in this case also apply to the letter é and also the Ñ :(


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