[SOLVED] Microsoft read aloud with bilingual(non-english) websites or pdf files


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At present Microsoft read aloud feature is available in only one language at a time. That means you can select a language and ask edge to read a web page in that language.

Even though we select a regional language, I see read aloud picks english(of course only with local dialect) simultaneously with any language. That is you can read a web page which is written in English and another language, you can read words from both languages simultaneously without manually switching the language and voice.

But this feature is available for only for any language in combination with English.

I would like to know if there is any way to read aloud two non-English languages simultaneously without manually switching the language or the voice.


Microsoft Edge Read Aloud feature is powered by Text to Speech, whose doc has listed some of the languages that support cross-lingual feature (custom neural voice required). But apparently it has not been applied to Edge yet, since the feature needs to be purchased in Azure.

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