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I’m trying to extract the ID of a Notion database from a URL e.g. the bold text in https://www.notion.so/anotioneer/d77d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a?v=1dedd49c5403489ebb899a290111f858.

I can match everything after anotioneer/ with anotioneer/(.+) and everything before the ? with .*(?=?) but I’m struggling to combine the two expressions.


Would something like this work?

  • Start with the last segment of the path: anotioneer\/.
  • Take one or more alphanumeric characters as a group: (\w+).
  • Match either the end of the line or the query string in a non-capturing group: (?:$|\?).

Here’s the valid sample data I used:


One that doesn’t match because there’s an extra path segment between anotioneeer and the ID:


And one that doesn’t match because there’s an extra path segment after the ID:


Here’s what the matches look like using this pattern. Note that you’ll want to take the first group, not the whole match. That’s why we used a non-capturing group for the end-of-line or query string segment.

Match 122-66anotioneer/d77d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a?
Group 133-65d77d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a
Match 2123-167anotioneer/d79d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a?
Group 1134-166d79d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a
Match 3224-268anotioneer/d80d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a?
Group 1235-267d80d1d19d4a943358898f2be65499d6a

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