Magento 2.3 inventory management: What is the recommended setup for eshop and physical store?


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We’ve been running magento for 12 years now from a single location serving both our website and physical store. All stock is at the physical store so it is a very simple setup.

Now, we are moving our main warehouse to a different location and we need the following setup:

  • The eshop should have access to all stock (warehouse & physical store)
  • The physical store should have access to stock held within the store

I thought of setting up our physical store as a separate website so that it can have access to its own stock and then give our eshop access to both warehouse and physical store stock. However, I am not sure reservations will work that way. eg if I have a single item in the physical store and someone orders it online, someone can still buy it from the store (before the online order is shipped).

The alternative solution would be to setup the 2 locations (warehouse and physical store) and give access to both channels (eshop and physical store). This way reservations will work just fine but I am not sure how I can limit our physical store to its own stock when someone walks in.

Any suggestions?



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