[SOLVED] Mac Powerlevel10k change icon for os identifier


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I have installed Powerlevel10k on my Macbook Pro (m1). I have changed the “os identifier” icon since having the Apple icon provides little value. Instead I would simply like to have fun with this setting and personlize it.

I have uncommented the following line in .p10k.zsh, in the ##[ os_icon: os identifier ]## section:


Now I get the star in my prompt instead of the Apple icon, which is an improvement that I would take as-is, but I would like to go further.

I am unfamiliar with this syntax of how the star is reprsented as an actual icon in the code in my editor. What is controlling this?

How can I change this icon from the star, to say, a 4-leaf clover, or a country flag, or some other icon?


The star is an emoji. You can use whatever string you want.


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