JsonMappingException for aws api gateway custom authorizer


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I am using aws lambda authorizer with api gateway.My handler is written in Java
While returning IAM policy document getting json mapping exeception ,
attaching the screenshot of logs from cloudwatch , I have also logged the handler response pojo you can check in the screenshot.

cloudwatch logs image

However , If I test lambda output it is giving correct json as expected
but it is breaking when I hit the same function through api gateway , Please suggest
any help would be appreciated.

"policyDocument": {
 "Version": "2012-10-17",
 "Statement": [
     "Action": "execute-api:Invoke",
     "Effect": "Allow",
     "Resource": "arn:aws:execute-api:us-east-1:304262502320:uz4gxmilu8/Test/GET/*"
"context": {
 "sub": "auth"


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