[SOLVED] Json unmarshal struct to map is ignoring zero values of struct


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I am trying to convert a struct to map using following method

func ConvertStructToMap(in interface{}) map[string]interface{} {
    var inInterface map[string]interface{}
    inrec, _ := json.Marshal(in)
    json.Unmarshal(inrec, &inInterface)
    return inInterface


The problem is when I am trying to convert a struct

type Data struct{
 Thing string `json:"thing,omitempty"`
 Age uint8 `json:"age,omitempty"`


With this data

  Thing :"i",

it just gives me the following output map[things:i] instead it should give the output

And when I don’t supply age

like below

      Thing :"i",

Then it should give this output map[things:i] .I am running an update query and the user may or may not supply the fields ,any way to solve it .I have looked over the internet but couldn’t get my head on place


omitempty ignore when convert from struct to json

type Response struct {
 Age int `json:"age,omitempty"`
 Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`

resp:=Response {
  Name: "john",

fmt.Println(string(data)) => {"name": "john"}

In you case, you convert from json to struct, if attribute not present, it will be fill with default value of data type, in this case is 0 with uint8

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