JCC permission denied when sudo make’ing pylucene


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I’m running windows 10 with WSL ubuntu 20.04 installed but I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to binaries and linux distributions.

So I’m trying to install pylucene into one of my anaconda environments. To start, I’ve downloaded the source from their website, extracted, and tried to build and install JCC. I was able to succesfully run python setup.py build and python setup.py install from the anaconda prompt. I now see the JCC folders in the env site-packages folder and can import it in PyCharms.

Now, I’m attempting to make and make test/install from the ubuntu as I’ve struggled to do so using cmd. Whenever I run make, I run into errors where Java isn’t found. However, running sudo make begins the build process. Unfortunately, towards the end, I receive “permission denied” errors related to the JCC folder:

make: execvp: /mnt/c/users/Me/anaconda3/envs/mimic-iv-dash-pylucene/Lib/site-packages/jcc-3.11-py3.9-win-amd64.egg/jcc: Permission denied
make: *** [Makefile:398: compile] Error 127

I thought sudo would give me all the permissions I needed. As the jcc folder is owned by root:root, I also tried using sudo chown and chmod but none of them seem to do anything. Any ideas?


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