java.lang.RuntimeException – Internal Server error 500 in Tomcat log


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we want to use Sophos WAF (Web Application Firewall) as a reverse proxy to make a sap site accessible from an external.

The problem is the following:

External access with NAT works however external access with the Sophos WAF as a reverse proxy fails. We get a HTTP ERROR 500 when trying to access the URL. In the tomcat logs of the site I could find this extra information:

“java.lang.RuntimeException: None of SP’s internal [https://sapinternal:port/service/]
and external address [[]] haven’t been found in value of the “x-forwarded-for” header [public ip-address of the client]”

Does anybody have an idea why it works with NAT but the error appears when using Sophos WAF?
Or what needs to be configured in order to get it working with Sophos WAF.

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