[SOLVED] Issue with npx create-react-app , error and 6 vulnerabilities


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everytime i’m running npx create-react-app, i’m having some issues and vulnerabilities.
I would love to get your help undersstanding what are those and how to fix,

C:Userscori2DesktopOriProjectsreact-web>npx create-react-app ./

Creating a new React app in C:Userscori2DesktopOriProjectsreact-web.

Installing packages. This might take a couple of minutes.
Installing react, react-dom, and react-scripts with cra-template...

added 1393 packages in 53s

203 packages are looking for funding
run `npm fund` for details

Initialized a git repository.

Installing template dependencies using npm...
npm WARN deprecated source-map-resolve@0.6.0: See https://github.com/lydell/source-map- 

added 52 packages in 6s

203 packages are looking for funding
run `npm fund` for details
Removing template package using npm...

removed 1 package, and audited 1445 packages in 2s

203 packages are looking for funding
run `npm fund` for details

6 high severity vulnerabilities

To address all issues (including breaking changes), run:
npm audit fix --force

Run `npm audit` for details.
Git commit not created Error: Command failed: git commit -m "Initialize project using 
Create React App"
at checkExecSyncError (node:child_process:828:11)
at execSync (node:child_process:899:15)
at tryGitCommit (C:Userscori2DesktopOriProjectsreact-webnode_modulesreact- 
at module.exports (C:Userscori2DesktopOriProjectsreact-webnode_modulesreact- 
at [eval]:3:14
at Script.runInThisContext (node:vm:129:12)
at Object.runInThisContext (node:vm:305:38)
at node:internal/process/execution:76:19
at [eval]-wrapper:6:22 {
status: 128,
signal: null,
output: [ null, null, null ],
pid: 8200,
stdout: null,
stderr: null
Removing .git directory...

thank you in advanced


Create React App was created by Dan Abramov. He’s written an excellent article about the issues with npm audit in create-react-app. It’s a good read and I learned a lot about packages, npm audit and create-react-app.



You can ignore these security vulnerabilities.

Answered by mjwils

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