Is there is a way to block mouse hover events outside current focused Editor window rect in Unity Editor?


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I am working on custom enum popup with search and facing next problem. When clicking button to show popup list of enums I can hover over that list and select items inside, but also I can as always move mouse outside popup rect and move around. And when I hover over other GUI element it reacts to that movement (hover highlight or so happens). I remembered that default Unity’s enum don’t have this feature and it blocks all events outside popup’s rect exclude outside mouse click to close this popup.

So… My question is: How can I implement this feature in my popup window? I look into Unity’s source code and don’t find anything related to this. Except one moment when they are using internal function “GUI.GrabMouseControl(id);”

I think that may be that magic thing to block mouse hovering. Also I think that GUIUtility.hotControll is second canditate to solve my issue. But I dont know how properly use it in my OnGUI() method. I am trying to it and get not correct result,
but I blocked hovering outside popup’s rect. But it always spam console with these logs:
Should not grab hot control with an active capture. So I dropped this idea with my implementation, cause of these logs…

I will be realy glad to see some advices or straight anwsers on this problem is someone can solve it 🙂
Thank you!


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