[SOLVED] Is there any way to configure emulator in Android Studio?


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I am doing a project about Android forensics where I need to dump data from android devices so I am using emulator from android studio. using android version 8.1.0. I am following a repo from github here’s the link;https://github.com/mspreitz/ADEL
In order to dump file the prerequisite is to add configuration in the xml folder sub directory named https://github.com/mspreitz/ADEL/blob/master/xml/phone_configs.xml
But I cant find any way to configure the emulator…
if anyone could enlighten me will appreciate a lot. I have successfully ran the scripts but unable to dump database.


If you config the device as

<phone device="emulator" model="sdk" os_version="8">

you should be able to use the emulator.
Otherwise post the specific error you are receiving.

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